The Beaver 10K


Beaver10K16 Logo Landing PageSouth Holston Dam

Bristol, TN  

June 21, 2018

FREE run presented by We Run Events. Please bring a bag of pet food as your “entry fee,” which we will donate to local animal shelters. It’s the Summer Soltice so let’s make the year’s longest day something to remember! Unique 10K run starting and finishing at the top of South Holston Dam. Take on breathtaking views of the lake as we run from the top of S. Holston Dam to Osceola Island, and back. Save something for the challenging final 1-mile climb!  Post-run pizza.

Timing and Parking

We have a time limit of 1h 30m so we can be out before the park closes, however feel free to start early if you think it will take longer. 6:00 early start (or whenever you want to get going!).  The run is timed, but please understand that this is a group run (not a race), and no awards will be given. We will have a digital clock and kiosks where you can check your time when you finish the run. The roads will not be closed to vehicular traffic so please be careful on the roads. Parking is extremely limited so please plan accordingly. Carpool if possible and/or park at Weir Dam and ride with others to the top of S. Holston Dam.


Schedule, June 21, S. Holston Dam

  • 4:30-6:00 pm, Packet pickup, late registration
  • 6:00 pm, Early Start for those who think they will take longer than 1 hour : 30 minute time limit
  • 6:30 pm, 10K Start

Entry Fees:

  • FREE, but we do ask that everyone register


Course Map