3K Moon Walk

3K Moon Walk

July 11th, 2015, 8:58 pm

3 Kilometers. 1.86 miles for those non-metric folks :-)

Take a stroll with us through beautiful candle-lit streets and rousing finish inside J. Fred Johnson Stadium. Stay tuned for more information on this fun event.  Michael Jackson music and theme!!

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Neil Danehy Heart Foundation

On July 2, 2005 Neil died suddenly from a fatal heart attack, just two weeks after his 50th birthday. His wife and daughters lost a kind and loving husband and father, and the community lost a tireless volunteer. Because Neil touched so many people through his years of community and church involvement, the Neil Danehy Heart Foundation was formed to educate the community about heart-related illnesses. Every dollar raised through the Foundation stays in the Tri-Cities area. From educational seminars, free to the public CPR classes, to the purchase of portable defibrillators to be placed in public venues – every effort focuses on the heart health of those in this region.



All 3K Moon Walk will receive a high-quality t-shirt. Those who pre-register by July 9th are guaranteed a shirt (we will try to reserve proper sizes). Those who register after July 9th will receive shirts as supplies last.


The 3K Moon Walk is presented by:

Wellmont CVAEastman Credit Union