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October 29, 2016

Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, 400 Clinchfield St., Kingsport, TN



Same great course as 2015!   click here for full screen pdf version of the map

Elevation Profile  – We told you it’s wicked fast but for you non-believers, click here for an elevation profile.  Don’t be scared of the hill near mile 6.5 and near mile 13 (it’s the same hill on both loops).  It’s a relatively small to medium hill.  As you can see the rest of the course is very flat.

Many thanks to the Kingsport Greenbelt Committee for allowing us to run a section of the Greenbelt which allows us connect from one end of the course to the other and bypass Center Street.  The Greenbelt stretch (from 5.5 to 6.5 on Loop 1, and from 12 to 13 on Loop 2) is very nice!

Video Tour of the CourseDon’t miss this whacky tour of the wicked fast Haunted Half Course.  This is the 2012 course so it is different this year (see map below).  Video produced and edited by Bill McSpadden along with Haunted Hank.

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