Boo to Brew 2 and 4 Person Relay

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Boo to Brew 2-Person & 4-Person Relay Information

October 28, 2017

Relay Team Requirements

You can enter a team in either the 2-person or 4-person teamRelay Anklet categories.  There are no gender or age requirements/restrictions.  We do allow 3-person teams in the 4-person category with one team member running 2 legs.  Individuals running the half marathon may run on a team but must run the first leg, and MUST register as an individual. Team members will pass a team “anklet” from one team member to the next.  The anklet contains the team timing tag and should be worn on the ankle for best results.  Please return the timing anklet to race officials when you finish.



Relay Team Captains

If registering on-line, team captains will first create your team while registering themselves. We encourage creative names!! Once your team has been created, the team captain should inform other team members of the team name which they can select when registering.  If registering off-line, all team members should register using the same team name, and send all forms in together.

Individuals Running on a Relay Team:

If you are an individual who is running the entire half marathon, you may run the first leg of a relay. You will hand off to the 2nd leg and keep going. You MUST register as an individual half marathon runner, not as a relay team member, but you will be able to add your team name during the registration process.


Relay Team Awards

  • 4 Person Relay
    • Top 3 teams in Open, Company, and School categories.
  • 2 Person Relay
    • Top 3 teams in the Coed, Male, and Female categories
  • All relay team members will receive a finisher’s medal!


Relay Team Legs/Shuttle Buses

Relay Leg           Distance                                           Exchange Location

1                         Start to approximately M4                Wetlands Water Park

2                         M4 to approximately M7                  Main/Washington Streets

3                         M7 to M10                                       Wetlands Water Park

4:                        M10 to Finish

The 2-person relay teams will exchange at Main/Washington Streets.

Shuttle buses will run from the start/finish area to Wetlands Water Park.  The 2nd leg and 4th leg runners will ride the shuttles.  The 3rd leg runners can walk/jog to Main/Washington, which is just a few blocks from the start/finish area.