Bristol Half & Half Marathon Course Info

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Course Map

the 2015 course has been finalized!  We took out 178 feet of elevation.  it’s still hilly but we think you’ll like this course much better!

BHH 15 Map Revised

first hand course narrative

 by natalie whitlock

Get a first hand review of the new course with some landmarks and a nice history lesson.  thanks, natalie!


COURSE Preview Video (old 2012 course but the video is still great!)

 Video production by Bill McSpadden






Water Stations:

  • Park Street.  Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, Euclid Avenue Youth.  Mile 1.  Water.
  • Cumberland Street.  Across from Hamilton Insurance.  Gastroenterology Associates.  Mile 2.  Water and Gatorade.
  • Holston Avenue.  Webb Dentistry.  Dr. Webb.  Mile 4.  Water.
  • Piedmont Avenue.  Greene’s Upholstery.  Crossfire.  Mile 5.  Water and Gatorade.
  • W. Mary.  Shelby Manor.  Boy Scout Troop 113.  Mile 6.  Water.
  • Goodson Street.  EMC Service Station.  Cub Scout Troop 121.  Mile 6.5.  Water and Gatorade.
  • Florida Avenue.  1st Presbyterian Church.  1st Presbyterian Youth.  Mile 8.  Water.
  • Ash Street.  King Pharmaceutical Parking.  Girl Scouts Troop 168.  Mile 9.  Water and Gatorade.
  • Greenway.  Mary Kay Group.  Mile 10.  Water
  • Edgemont.  Vance Middle School.  Central Christian Church.  Mile 11.  Water and Gatorade.
  • Phelps Drive.  St. Anne’s Youth.  Mile 12.  Water.

Port A johns

  • Mile 4 – Applebee’s
  • Mile 5 – Green’s Upholstery
  • Mile 7 – First Baptist Church (this is also the relay exchange zone)
  • Mile 13.1 – Tennessee High School